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At Reevy Hill, we are working hard to provide a broad and exciting curriculum for all our children.  Our subjects are all taught discreetly to ensure children develop the subject-specific knowledge, understanding and skills that deepen their learning.  Please find the curriculum overviews on the links below and if you require any further information please contact our curriculum lead (Mr Stott) via the information on the contact us page.


Maths is taught across school using a range of materials following a curriculum map developed by the Multi-Acadamy Trust that we are part of.  Building on approaches from the White Rose Maths Hub materials and objectives listed on the Leading Learners assessment grids, Maths is taught for 1 hour per day 5 times per week. Pupil’s mathematical skills are developed using concrete apparatus when appropriate.  A range of resources are used in the delivery of the mathematics curriculum including Target Your Maths, Inspire Maths, UR Brainy and NCTEM materials for mastery

Click here to see what is taught in each year:  Maths long term planning


Letters and sounds phonics is used throughout school and taught daily in EYFS and KS1. 

The school uses a range of stimuli to excite and engage children whilst developing their confidence in reading and writing.  

Children are asked to read frequently at home to improve their fluency and understanding and the Reading Championship encourages children to achieve this.

Chidren use letter-join to improve the flow and accuracy of their handwriting.  This is taught daily with opportunities to develop independently.

Spellings are also taught daily and children are expected to learn through a range of approaches including investigations, cover-write-check, applied in work, dictionary work.

 Year 2 upwards teach daily guided reading sessions to develop the children’s ability to engage with or respond to a text.

Click here to see what is taught in each year:  English Curriculum Coverage


Science at Reevy Hill is planned so that it inspires pupils to be engaged and inquisitive about the world around them. Pupils gain knowledge, an understanding of the world we live in and refine skills in working scientifically in order to continue to be able to question critically and wonder about the world and their environment. Science at Key Stage 1 enables children to form an understanding of living things, plants and animals as well as investigating everyday materials. Pupils develop their skills in observing and questioning. In Key Stage 2 these topics are revisited in more detail as well as investigating the wider world such as electricity, rocks, earth and space and forces. Pupils’ investigative skills are also deepened to allow them to plan, conduct, write up and draw conclusions from their scientific tests. 

Click here to see what is taught in each year:  Curriculum LTP Science



At Reevy Hill Primary the purpose of history is to provide pupils with a solid knowledge of Britain’s past and the wider world as well as igniting pupil’s curiosity to research the past and find out from sources. Pupils in Key Stage 1 develop their awareness of chronology and key words associated with time and the past. Pupils in Key Stage 2 develop their questioning and research skills through the use of primary and secondary sources. Pupils’ critical thinking is developed through discussion and questioning of historical events.


Click here to see what is taught in each year: CurriculumLTP history


The Geography curriculum develop curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.   The schools uses a range of resources including Digi-maps to explore the local area and how it has changed over time. 

Click here to see what is taught in each year: Curriculum LTP Geography


Through weekly lessons, pupil reflection books and whole school assemblies, RE helps to develop pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural awareness. Our RE curriculum is in accordance with the local (Bradford) agreed syllabus (SACRE). Our RE curriculum focuses on the 6 major world religions; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism. We promote visits to places of worship and faith leaders to visit school to enhance pupils’ learning.

Click here to see what is taught in each year:   Curriculum LTP RE


Computing is taught at Reevy Hill Primary as a discreet subject, so the pupils can learn the skills needed to be able to transfer these to the other curriculum subjects. Each class has an hour of taught skills each week.

The Computing Curriculum is covered over an academic year and as much as possible is linked to what is being taught in the classroom for Humanities or Science. Pupils develop basic skills in IT such as logging on, saving work and accessing files as well as basic coding. Our computing curriculum also equips pupils with the skills and knowledge for

Click here to see what is taught in each year: CurriculumLTP Computing


PSHCE is taught across school for 1 hour per week or more depending on the needs of the class. Each year group follows 6 units; Me and my world, Celebrating Difference, Living in the wider world, Health and wellbeing, Positive Relationships and Preparing for change. EYFS follow the Jigsaw scheme of work and Year groups 1-6 follow the Coram Life Education SCARF scheme. Each lesson develops SMSC skills and these are explored further in circle times and whole-school events. The curriculum emphasises promoting equality, preventing and tackling discrimination, cultural awareness and preparing pupils positively for life in modern Britain.

Click here to see what is taught in each year: Curriculum LTP Paths and PSHCE


Pupils explore self-expression through art and design. The school’s yearly overview provides children with a wide range of opportnuties to work with mixed media. Children learn about famous artists/designers and sculptors, the history of art/design and develop skills which enable them to create their own pieces. Throughout the academic year, each year group will be involved in Art and Design sessions that focus on seven different aspects of the art curriculum. These include:  Drawing, Painting, Collage, 3D e.g. clay, Printing, Textiles and ICT.

Click here to see what is taught in each year: Reevy Hill art progression 1-6


Modern Foreign Languages (MfL)

Across Key Stage 2 pupils learn French, this provides them with a foundation for learning languages at Key Stage 3+. Children learn to speak, read and write French. Using Espresso Education online tools pupils have access to authentic spoken French.

Click here to see what is taught in each year:  Progression in Skills MfL (1)


We believe that music acts as a stimulant and promotes creativity. Pupils develop their singing ability through weekly singing assemblies as well as their knowledge and skills of playing and creating pieces of music through weekly music lessons. Pupils in Years 3 and 5 play a ukulele.

Click here to see what is taught in each year: Curriculum music


Reevy Hill Primary School understands the link between physical and mental health and wellbeing. In doing so the school delivers an engaging PE curriculum which inspires and motivates pupils beyond the classroom. Pupils learn about the benefits of exercise and diet and how to warm up/cool down. Pupils learn to play games, compete and respect their opponents and officials through the PE curriculum. 


For more information about our curriculum or how you can help at home, please speak to your child's class teacher.