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After School Activities 


Tuesday 3.05pm - 4.00pm

Football Club with Mr Parr

Dance Club with Miss Walker


Below are some quotes from the children who have attended clubs:

Art Club

"I'm so proud"

"I can't believe I've done that"

Board Games

"I liked the games they were fun"

" I liked sharing my games with people"

Football Club

" It's fun! We got better at football and we get fitter"

Reevy Runners

" I love going out running, I find it easier every week and it is keeping me healthy"


100% Attendance Trip July 15

Nursery trip to the Deep 


Activities & Events


House Competition No 1


Winner of Bronze Medal Challenge = Dennis Yr6 (Air)

Winner of Silver Medal Challenge = Kyle Y6  (Air)

Winner of Gold Medal Challenge = Robyn Y6 (Earth)

Well done to all who competed – we had some very close rounds! Air are leading at the minute with 2 House Stars!

Our school council will now decide on what our next House Competition is…watch this space!




Year 6 Parent Coffee Morning/Afternoon 

Monday 10th October


One World Week

During the week beginning 23rd May, the whole school enjoyed exploring elements of different world religions during One World Week.  

The focus of this week was to promote a greater awareness and understanding amongst our children of the rich diversity within our expanded community.

They compared features of the Christian faith with those from at least one other religion and found that there are many similarities – for example having specific places and days on which to worship, sharing similar codes of conduct for living good, honest lives and celebrating notable events within the religion’s history.

Their learning was further enriched as visitors were invited into school to assist their exploration of the role of music, dance and art within religion.

EURO 2016

13th June - 1st July 2016

As the Euro 2016 football championship kicked off this weekend, Reevy Hill pupils will be fully immersed in the tournament through their learning for the next 3 weeks.  Each class will have its own country to support and learn about throughout the unit of work.

We’ll be using our art skills and techniques to draw portraits of some of the footballers, past and present, from the country that each class is studying. We’ll be working in the style of artists from our host country to create our pieces of art.

We will also be developing our Design Technology skills to build structures that are synonymous with our host country.

As well as this we’ll be having our very own mini football tournament and, of course, all be cheering England on throughout the tournament especially on Thursday 16th when we’ll all be dressed in our England colours to support England in their match against Wales.

Keep your eye on our website to see some of the work we create!