Reevy Hill Primary School

Telephone 01274 677549

Our timetable

08:30 Nursery morning session begins. Main gates are opened. Parents and pupils may wait on the playground from this time.
08:45 Doors are opened.
08:55 All children should be in class.
09:00 The main gates are closed. Any children arriving from this time onwards will enter by the main entrance. If the register is already at the office, the office staff will ensure that it is completed along with the dinner register.
10:45 Key Stage 1 playtime
11:00 Key Stage 1 playtime ends. Key Stage 2 playtime
11:15 Key Stage 2 playtime ends
11:30 Morning nursery session ends
12:00 Key Stage 1 lunchtime
12:15 Afternoon nursery session begins
12:30 Key Stage 2 lunchtime
12:45 End of Key Stage 1 lunchtime
13:15 End of Key Stage 2 lunchtime
2:30 - 2:45 Key Stage 1 afternoon playtime
3:05 School closes
3:15 Afternoon nursery session ends

Assemblies are on:

Monday at 2.30pm

Friday at 9.00am (Reward assembly for parents to attend)