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Easter Break 6th-17th April



We all hope that you and your family are keeping safe and well at home. 


As you would normally be on your Easter Holidays for the next 2 weeks, I will not be putting any work up for you to do. Instead, I will be setting you a fun challenge to do at home with you and your family!


In History, we have learnt how important artefacts can be in understanding key events in the past. For example, we understand how life was during the Bronze Age because of the Amesbury Archer and the artefacts that were found.


You might not know it yet, but we are living in a very historical times and in years to come, we will be telling our friends and families about life during the Covid-19 lockdown. Team 3 will be making a Covid-19 Time Capsule and when we return safely to school, we will bury our Time Capsule in the playground. Your first task is to think about one item that you would like to put into the Time Capsule. You will need to bring this item or picture to school and explain to us why you have chosen your item/picture.


Once you have done this, please complete either Task 1 OR Task 2 below.

Task 1

Task 1 1
Task 1 will be to write a diary about how you spent your time at home during the Covid-19 lockdown. Explain what you did during the day and how you spent your time. Include your feelings and write about things that you enjoyed and also things that you missed, (for example your friends and other family members). You can write your diary daily in your exercise book or on lined paper.
Picture 1
Task 2 is to complete the Covid-19 Time Capsule worksheets. Here you will find worksheets to complete about you and your family. You are living through History so you can capture this by taking photos, keeping newspaper cuttings, taking family pictures and even any of your amazing work or art that you have done at home!

We want your pictures!


Please send in some pictures of yourself and your amazing work. We do miss you and would love to hear from you! We will make a new page and add all your amazing pictures so we can see Team 3's work!! 


The email address is:


Take care and keep safe smiley

From Miss Riaz and Mrs Brodie