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School dinners and Vouchers:

updated 16th Aril 2020


We are sorry about the delays with vouchers and please understand that this is beyond our control. Here are some key points that explain the process and reasons for delays:

  • It has taken over 7 days for our first order to come through on emails. 
  • The code you are given needs to be redeemed on a website before you can use it in store. (only ASDA will allow online use)
  • It can then take around 24hours for the voucher email to come through to your website.
  • It is better for you to receive them through email because we have exactly the same process to go through but then need to print them and get them to you.
  • We have already ordered this week's which should come through soon.
  • Next weeks have also been ordered to get them processed ASAP.


We are sorry that this is taking longer than any of us expected and other help could be available if you need it.  Please get in touch if you do need to.


When you receive an online code: redeem it here to select your preferred store.


A huge thank you to the Sandale Trust and our staff volunteers for providing delivery of these lunches.  This has been a challenge and thank you for your support and understanding so far.   


We have provided the lunches over the Bank Holiday weekend as online vouchers were ordered on 7th April.  Unfortunately, these vouchers have been delayed as the demand on the service has been so great.   If you have asked for them to be hand delivered until you are able to receive emails, we will process these as soon as we receive them and get them to you.


From Tuesday 14th, we have continued limited lunch deliveries for some people who have either opted for these or unable to receive emailed vouchers at this point.  If this is affecting you, please let us know and we will try to help you during this time.


If you have any problems with lunches, please also use the form below:

School dinners/vouchers form

Please include the following points: All the names of any children at your address that are entitled to Free School Meals from our school. Tell us if you would prefer to a) continue with lunch delivery b) prefer Morrison's vouchers c) prefer Tesco Vouchers. Use the email that you would like the voucher sending to or delivering to you home address as soon as possible.

On the form please include children’s names and if you are currently self-isolating.