Reevy Hill Primary School

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Session 1


Use the link and go to Lesson 1 - find a half (2)

1. Watch the video.

2. Open ' Get the Activity' and answer the questions.

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Session 2


I can find a quarter.


1. Use the link from Session 1 and go to Lesson 2 - Find a quarter (1)

2. Watch the video.

3. Go to 'Get the activity' and open the questions.


You will have to draw the shapes or ask an adult to draw them for you.

Session 3


I can find a quarter.


1. Follow the link and go to Lesson 3 - Find a quarter (2)

2. Go to 'Get the activity' and answer the questions.

Session 4


This week we have been learning about Fractions!


1. Log into Espresso using your log in (student30651, reevyhill)

2. Go to Key Stage 1 and then Maths

3. Click Fractions

4. Go to Videos and watch at least 1 video on halves and 1 on quarters. You can watch more if you like! laugh

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5. When you have watched videos, go to Activities and complete these activities.
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Can you try again until you get them all right? yes