Reevy Hill Primary School

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Mrs Mowl's Group

Hello! Today we are going to start by practicing counting forwards and backwards. Can you count:

  • from 0 to 20
  • back from 20 to 0
  • from 3 to 15
  • from 8 to 17
  • back from 13 to 2
  • back from 16 to 5


Yesterday we were learning how to add by counting on. So if we look at the addition sentence


7  +  4  =


Instead of counting out 7 objects and 4 objects then counting all of them, we can hold the number 7 in our head and count on 4 more. So it looks like


7  +  coolcoolcoolcool  =


and we say 7 as we point to the number 7 then count on 8  9  10  11 as we add on the 4 faces.


Your turn to have a go now! Open the powerpoint document below.

When the document is open, click enable editing then the slideshow tab and choose from beginning. Work through the powerpoint, counting on to find out how many children are at the party each time. 


When you are finished you could send us an email to let us know how you got on; we would love to hear from you!