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L.O: I can draw inferences such as inferring characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions – justifying inferences with evidence.


Please follow the tasks below and complete your work neatly into your book.


Tables 1, 2 and 3 - Complete Task 1

Table 4 - Complete Task 2


Task 1

Task 1 1


Click on the link above to access your worksheets.


Follow the daily plan below.


Monday Complete the Follow- Up Task sheet
Tuesday Vocab 1 sheet - Pick any four words from this sheet and find the meaning using a dictionary or the internet. Once you have done this, write a sentence using each of the words.
Wednesday Complete the Spag 1 sheet
Thursday  Complete the Spag 2 sheet



Please email me if you are unsure which tasks to do.



Task 2


You task this week will be to make predictions based on what you have read so far. Remember that prediction means to 'make a good guess'. Follow the tasks below to complete this weeks work.



  • Watch the PowerPoint and complete the tasks on the slides - you do not need to record anything in your book.
  • Complete the 'Show Me Task'
  • Complete the 'Think about Questions'.

Show Me Task

Show Me Task 1

Think about Question 1

Think about Question 1 1

Think about Question 2

Think about Question 2 1