Reevy Hill Primary School

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Daily Reading


Oxford Owl has a fantastic range of eBooks for you to access from home. Try and read a book everyday by using the link below -


Go to my class login then enter the details below -

User: ReevyLKS2

Password: ReevyLKS2


Guided Reading

The format is the same as last week. We will do 3 days of reading tasks linked to a particular skill then your fourth day will be looking at a spelling rule. As usual, there will be a task for Miss Pinder's guided reading group and a separate one for anyone who is in a phonics group. Any questions, please just ask! 


Day 1 - Read through your PowerPoint.

Day 2 

Miss Pinder's Group - Read through the text and answer the questions at the side. 


Phonics Group - Have a go at the task.


Day 3

Miss Pinder's Group - Read through and answer the questions, use the PowerPoint from Day 1 to help you. 


Phonics Group - Have a go at the task.


Day 4 

Today, each group is going to look at a spelling rule. Look at your rule then practice writing out your spellings - you can use this to practice your handwriting as well! 


Miss Pinder's Group - 

We started to look at prefixes - something added on to the start of a root word. Look at the PowerPoint again to remind you what prefixes are and how they change a word, then practice writing out your spellings.




Phonics Group - practice reading and writing the words with 'mp' in them.