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In Summer 2, our topic work is going to be focused on Science. Our topic is 'Living Things'. 


To start off this topic, while the weather is still nice, I would like you to go on a 'living things hunt' in your local area. This could be in your garden, on your street or in a local park, any outdoor area you can access. First of all, I would like you to look at the PowerPoint below to remind yourselves about what living things are - animals and plants. 

Living Things Hunt -

Once you have had a look at the PowerPoint, it would be great if you can get to an outdoor area to see if you can identify any living things. I would either like you to make a list or draw anything you find and what you notice... 


Animals - where did you see the animal? Why do you think the animal might have been there? So for example you might have seen a frog in a pond - why do you think we might find frogs in ponds?


Plants - where did you see the plant? What was the plant like? Can you name the plant? What do you think it needs to grow and survive? 


Feel free to record this in anyway you want, it would be brilliant if you could get pictures!