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Task 1

Task 1


Key question 1

What can we quickly add to what we already know about Ancient Egypt?


Ancient Egypt is one of the greatest civilization of the past. Almost 4,000 years later, we can see the famous monuments and tombs of the pharaohs which are still intact today!  


To start your Topic, I want to know any facts that you  already know about Ancient Egypt. This is a huge topic so to get you started, I have attached some pictures and key words for you to research.



1) Can you name all the pictures?

2) Do you know what the words mean?

3) Can you add your own knowledge about Ancient Egypt to your work?


Pictures about Ancient Egypt

Pictures about Ancient Egypt 1
Picture 1

Key words about Ancient Egypt

Key words about Ancient Egypt 1

You could present your work in a table like the one below or you can present your work in any way that you find easy. If you have any questions about this task, please email me and I will get back to you ASAP smiley


Number of picture or Key word. Explanation                              
1 Picture of the River Nile