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Task 2


Key Question 2

What sources of evidence have survived and how were they discovered?


Much of our understanding about the Ancient Egypt civilization came within the last 200 years and one of the most important discoveries was the tomb of Tutankhamu. What was found inside the tomb, were the treasures that allowed the great archaeologists to understand life in Ancient Egypt.

We have already learnt in History about the importance of artefacts and how they are the 'jigsaw pieces' in helping us to understanding the past. Your task this week is to research facts about Tutankhamu's Tomb. Follow the guidance below and present your work in your book in the easiest way possible for you.



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Watch this video before you start your task.

The pharaoh Tutankhamun is one of the most famous Egyptian rulers in history.

Task 1



Tutankhamun’s tomb is an amazing topic to research as it gives you a true insight to the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Your task is to research key facts  and then write them neatly into your book. You can add drawings into your writing, such as the stunning artefacts that were found in the tomb. Think about the questions below to get you started!


Questions to think about


  • Who was Tutankhamum?
  • Why was he so important?
  • Who found Tutankhamum's tomb?
  • What did they find inside the tomb?
  • What is a 'Death Mask?'
  • What is the 'Curse of the Mummy?'


Click on the links below to help you. If you have any questions, please ask!



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