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Team 5's work

Hey peeps...


I thought I would share some fab work that has been sent to me.


Keep sending me your work- it makes my day! 


Beware of the forest


In the forest late at night,

There are some bugs that want to bite.

The spiders on cobwebs with millions of eyes

Don’t be fooled……they’ll eat you alive.


In the forest late at night,

There are some animals that want to bite.

Up high in the trees are monkeys, birds and more,

But beware of the leopards on the forest floor.


Do you dare to go down there?

Into the forest where you might get a scare!

For all those people who want to stay,

There is a chance that you could become pray!






What can you see?

I can see leaves covering a pool of water and tree branches dangling down from high up in the sky. I can see dirt underneath the leaves and flowers bursting with beautiful and bright colours.




What do you think you would hear if you were there?

I could hear birds chirping in the distance and a running water fall that crashed down from the rocks. I could hear the leaves swishing and swooshing in the wind. I could hear bugs and mosquitoes buzzing around the forest.




How do you think you would smell if you were there?

I could smell the moss that compacted its self onto the humongous trees. I could smell the lovely sent