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The Anglo-Saxons - who were the Anglo-Saxons?



For this half term, our topic is going to be The Anglo-Saxons which is what we would be learning about in History. 


This week, the question we are going to be exploring is - who were the Anglo-Saxons?


Remember if you have an questions about any of the tasks set or want to show me what you have done, please use the year 4 email!




I would like you to do a little research about - 

  • Who the Anglo-Saxons were
  • Where they came from
  • What sort of jobs there had
  • How they travelled 
  • A small description of why they came to England


You could use BBC bitesize using the link below which has information and videos.


Or you could have a look at the PowerPoint below... 




I would like you to create a Passport for an Anglo-Saxon using the information that you have found out today... 



Here is a template that you can use - you can print this out or just copy it on to paper. I want you to fill it in as if you were an Anglo-Saxon. The spaces are for some drawings.