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Topic work - Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Our topic work is about is continuing the work that we start on Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes we started in school.  


Task 1- Mountains


Task 1 - Access Espresso and create a fact file on Mountains.  This part of the topic was completed comprehensively in school and should be easy to create a fact on what you learned about mountains as you will be going over what you have already learned

Our fact file should consider:


  • What is a mountain?
  • Where are the major mountain ranges of the world located?
  • How are mountains formed?) Name the different types of mountain and describe how they are formed)
  • Mountain habitats
  • Why mountains are important?


Espresso offers a range of quizzes and activities for you to complete in order to create your fact file on mountains.


Task 2- Volcano


Task 1 - Access Espresso and create a fact file on Volcanoes.  


Our fact file should consider:

  • Where are most volcanoes located in the world?
  • Why are they located mostly along the Ring of Fire?
  • Can you labels the part of the volcano?
  • Why do volcanoes erupt?
  • Name any famous volcanoes in the world

To access Espresso put Discovery Learning Espresso into your search engine.


You need to email

if you have lost your Espresso login.  Remember, it was listed in your Reading Record.