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When it all seems blue, happiness may be close by… if you just look closely at your surroundings perhaps you will find it!

Gabby is walking on the beach and finds a bottle of bubbles - when she blows it she gets transported into fantasy.

She has fun riding on bubbles and meets people and things on her way.

Monday 20th April


Watch the Bubbles video online up to 45 seconds where Gabby has started to blow the bubbles. 


Write a prediction about what you think will happen in the rest of the video.


yes I think that Gabby will fly on the bubbles to the moon and she will see an alien.

yesyes I predict that Gabby will use the bubbles to travel to the jungle where she will see a stripy tiger, an enormous elephant and a ferocious lion.

Tuesday 21st April


Watch the rest of the video clip using the link.


Thinking about your prediction from yesterday, did what you predict would happen actually happen? What was similar? What was different? What do we now know about the adventure that Gabby goes on?


Write about this in your exercise book. 

Wednesday 22nd April 


Watch the video again to remind yourself about what happens once Gabby is under the water. Focus on all the different things she sees and what the ocean is like, using the five senses - what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like and tastes like.


Write about where Gabby ended up on her adventure. Describe the ocean using lots of amazing adjectives.

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Thursday 23rd April


Imagine you are Gabby and you have just travelled under the sea in your bubble and discovered all the things she did. Write a postcard to your friend to tell them all about the adventure you have just been on. 


I want you to really concentrate on using Year 2 expectations including spelling and punctuation in today's writing smiley

Picture 1
Picture 1

Friday 24th April


I have written a postcard to my friend to tell them all about the adventure I had under the sea. I want you to become the teacher today, to check my postcard and write it again correctly. 


Use the checklist to help you. 


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