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This week, we are going to use a picture to create some writing. This picture is called 'Lost'. 




Day 1

Today, I would like you to write a short prediction about what you think is happening in the picture, thinking about the title of it. 

Think about - 

  • The setting of the picture - where could this be? What do you think it is like there?
  • Why do you think the picture is called lost? 
  • Who is lost and how might they have got there? 
  • What do you think could happen to them? 


There are no right or wrong answers when we are making a prediction, you are just writing what you think could happen! You can either write this in a short paragraph, make bullet points or make a mind map.

Day 2 

Read and complete the task below. 


Day 3 

Read through the sentences below and improve the by adding adverbs. We have done lots of work on adverbs - they can be used to describe how something happened, when it happened or the place it happened. If an adverb is used at the start of a sentence, it's called a fronted adverbial and needs a comma after it. Use the word mats below to help you add adverbs into the passage. 


For example... 

The girl was frightened. Courageously, she looked around at the surrounding forest. She began to walk slowly along the path.




Day 4 


Today, I am going to give you some simple sentences that I would like you to improve. You could do this by adding verbs, adverbs and adjectives using the mats below. You could write them in a paragraph and link the sentences together or just improve the sentences separately.


Example... She walked along the path. 


Bravely, she traipsed along the dark path trying to find her way out of the mysterious forest. 


Sentences to improve -

  1. The girl was in the forest. 
  2. The forest was scary. 
  3. The trees were tall and she could not see much sky. 
  4. She walked along the path.


Word Mats