Reevy Hill Primary School

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Session 1


I know what a glossary is.


Do you remember the e-book when there were some words in bold? If we click them it tells us what they mean. The glossary has the meaning of all those words.


Let’s have a look at it!

Picture 1
Today's task: The glossary is muddled up! Rewrite the glossary with the correct meanings.
Picture 1

Session 2


I can punctuate questions and statements.


What is a question?

What is a statement?


Look at the questions and statements below.

Picture 1
Today's task: Rewrite the statements with either a full stop or a question mark

Session 3


I can write a job application focusing on what I think I am good at.


How do you get a job? Where might you see a list of jobs you could do? What would you have to do if you wanted the job?


When you get a job you have to apply for it and do an interview.


There is a vacancy for an ice-cream inventor!


Why would this be a good job? What do you need to enjoy doing? What do you need to know?


When you apply for a job, you need to tell people why you would be good at it.

Today's task: Complete the job application for an ice cream inventor.
Picture 1

Session 4


I can role play a job application.


Today, you will have an interview for the ice-cream inventor job.


Ask someone at home to ask you the interview questions below. Have a practise first.



Picture 1

Did you get the job?


Draw a picture of yourself as an ice cream inventor. laugh

Session 5


Well done for all your hard work in writing. yes


I'd love it if you could keep a diary of the things you do in the holidays to show me in September cool